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London West



The parochial area of London West has a particularly strong membership. This is also due to the convenient location of the two congregations in London.


German Protestant Christ Church in London

The Christ Church in Knightsbridge can be found in a quiet side street at Montpelier Place No. 19, very close to Harrods department store. Every Sunday at 11 a.m., worship is celebrated here in German language. The "German Choir London" also meets in the Christ Church for rehearsals ( ).

There is also a warm welcome and reading services in German in Reading and Farnborough.

St. Andrew's Church in Ham near Richmond

In South-west London, on the southern edge of Richmond, the German School has attracted many German-speaking families that make up the Petersham congregation. The congregation celebrates worship here every two weeks.

St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford

In the heart of Oxford, in the chancel of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin on High Street, the Protestant Lutheran congregation meets once a month for worship services. Founded before 1939 by refugees from Nazi Germany and later expanded by prisoners of war and emigrants, the congregation in Oxford had found refuge with the Anglicans in the historic university church from the start.

The nearby European School in the village of Culham and the Oxford Colleges ensure that the community is constantly rejuvenated with newcomers.

If you would like to find out more about the congregations in the London West parochial area, if you would like to become a member or if you would like to find out about the latest services and events, please visit our website


Image: German Protestant Christ Church in London


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