The Synod

Church services in the German language are held regularly in Great Britain. Protestant Churches can be found throughout the country. Here, congregations offer programmes in the tradition of the German Reformation. People, who come to our church services, comment on the benefit they get from the opportunity to pray, to sing hymns, to hear sermons, and to talk to each other in their mother tongue.

Our congregations are united in a Synod to support each other in common tasks (appointment of Pastors, finances, rules and regulations, and the like). They work closely with the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) to which they are contractually connected. We are committed to ecumenical co-operation at local level and have close connections to the different member churches in Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, especially the Anglican Church.

A commission of the Synod produced a major vision statement (in German only) outlining the possible evolution of the German Protestant presence in the United Kingdom over the next five years.

The activities of the congregations can be found from Inverness in the north of Scotland to Bournemouth on the south coast of England. Detailed information can be obtained by phoning the Pastor in charge of the relevant parochial area. From him or her you can also order a newsletter, which each parochial area publishes. These give up-to-date programmes and regional contact addresses.

There are 6 parochial areas in Great Britain.

At the annual general meeting of the Synod in April 2018, the following officers were elected:

  • Ms Hildegard O'Kane (Chair)

  • Ms Helga Janzen (Vice Chair)

  • Ms Anke Tabrah (Hon. Secretary) - this position is currently vacant

The Synod council currently consists of:

  • Rev. Ms Diemut Cramer (Senior Pastor)

  • Rev. Bernd Rapp (Secretary)

  • Rev. Verena Jantzen

  • Mr Lutz Lemmer

  • Dr Michaela Scheuermann-Freestone

  • (Currently no Treasurer)

  • Webmaster: Immo Hüneke

Synod of German-Speaking Lutheran, Reformed and United Congregations in Great Britain

Registered Charity No: 266600

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