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As ever, the congregations of the Synod were represented at the "Market of Possibilities" during this year's Kirchentag festival in Stuttgart. The public showed great interest - not least because the stand offered a prize quiz with a night's stay at the Lancaster Hall Hotel in London to be won. Almost 300 answer sheets were handed in and countless British biscuits and cups of tea were consumed in the process.

Of the six correct answers, one was drawn from a bag by the Bishop of Woolwich, the Rt. Rev. Michael Ipgrave (see photo). The lucky winner was Ms Evelyn Merz of Marktbergel. The correct answers are shown below.

  1. From which British port did the Titanic depart on 10th April 1912? Southampton
  2. Which British actor won a 2015 Oscar for his portrayal of the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking? Eddie Redmayne
  3. In which year was Elisabeth II crowned Queen? 1953
  4. What is the colloquial term for the strong English tea drunk by British workmen in their refreshment breaks? Builder's Tea
  5. Which of the following ladies were not serenaded by The Beatles? Sad Lisa
  6. Is the Queen permitted to express her opinions on Government matters? Yes, but only in private to her Prime Minister
  7. What is the Scottish speciality "Haggis" made of? A stuffed sheep's stomach
  8. Who is the head of the Church of England? The Queen
  9. How many wives did King Henry VIII marry in the course of his life? Six
  10. Which two friends and authors taught as Professors of English Literature at Oxford? C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien
  11. Complete the proverb: "An apple a day..." "... keeps the doctor away!"
  12. In which occupation did the majority of the German immigrants living in East London during the 18th and 19th centuries work? Sugar refining

Updated: 14 Jan 2019



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